Online Training Courses

MotorAnalysis - Electric Machine Design and Analysis Software

We offer an online introductory training course on using MotorAnalysis-PM and MotorXP-PM for design and analysis of permanent magnet machines. Courses on induction motor design and analysis are not currently available.

The duration of standard training course is 3 hours. The following topics are covered:

  • Setting machine dimensions, DXF stator and rotor import
  • Setting winding parameters, automatic and manual winding layout generation
  • Assigning active materials, viewing material properties, adding user’s materials
  • Magnetostatic Finite Element Analysis, viewing waveforms and field plots
  • Analysis of the machine based on D-Q model, viewing machine’s characteristics and efficiency maps
  • Dynamic Finite Element Analysis

The price for the standard 3 hours training course is $270 USD. Individual consultations are available for $100 USD per 1 hour or $270 USD per 3 hours.

The price does not include the payment transfer fee which can vary depending on the country.