Technical Support

Electric motor and generator design and analysis software



Support by email1

Online support2

5 calls per month

12 calls per month

Adding user’s materials3

Bug fixing

Within 3 business days

Within 2 business days


3 hours introductory training
course with 6 months
support subscription

3 hours introductory training
course with 3 months
support subscription

Price for one month subscription

$100 USD

$200 USD

Price for six months subscription

$550 USD

$1,100 USD

Price for one year subscription

$1,000 USD

$2,000 USD


Technical support is currently available only for MotorAnalysis-PM and MotorXP-PM for permanent magnet machines.

Technical support includes solving issues regarding using MotorAnalysis / MotorXP, answering question about MotorAnalysis / MotorXP features, consultations on MotorAnalysis / MotorXP results interpretation. Technical support may not include consultations on making particular design choices. Technical support does not include software development.

The price does not include the payment transfer fee which can vary depending on the country.

1 Questions are answered within 2 business days.

2 Chat or call via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and ets. Preliminary request by email to arrange date and time is required. Maximum duration of one online support session is one hour.

3 Only if datasheet is available. Not more than two materials per week.