We have been working hard during last two years and we are excited to introduce our new software called MotorXP-PM. MotorXP-PM is a commercial version of MotorAnalysis-PM for design and analysis of permanent magnet machines with much more features and capabilities (please see below).

MotorXP-PM vs. MotorAnalysis-PM

  • Completely new and more powerful user interface to input machine’s parameters (geometry, materials, winding).
  • Stator and rotor geometry templates for standard geometries (MotorAnalysis-PM does not have rotor geometry templates).
  • Geometry template for Halbach array type motors.
  • Automatic winding layout for all possible pole/slot combinations (MotorAnalysis-PM supports automatic winding layout only for integer-slot windings – integer number of slots per pole per phase).
  • Custom geometry templates – create fully parameterized geometry templates for custom stator and rotor geometries of arbitrary complexity.
  • Improved DXF geometry importing.
  • Export of geometry into DXF file.
  • Inverter losses calculation for IGBT and MOSFET transistors. Custom transistors can be added using data sheet parameters.
  • More accurate calculation of end winding leakage inductance based on solution of Neumann integrals.
  • Fast simulation of six step drives with Dynamic D-Q Analysis.
  • Retaining sleeve losses included into analysis.
  • D-Q model now includes iron losses (in MotorAnalysis-PM the D-Q model does not include iron losses).
  • D-Q model parameters (such as Ld, Lq, magnet flux linkage) can now be extracted and used in third-party applications (for example, Simscape Electronics block (FEM parameterized PMSM)).
  • Efficiency map now includes iron losses (in MotorAnalysis-PM the efficiency map does not include iron losses).
  • Calculation of efficiency maps with “Max. efficiency” or “MTPA/MTPV” control strategy.
  • Efficiency map of the inverter and combined efficiency map “Motor+Inverter”.
  • Id and Iq tables can be extracted from efficiency map data to be uploaded into controller for optimal motor performance.
  • Machine constants and flux density levels added to simulation results.
  • Frequency spectrum for time-series data and smoothing filters for PWM waveforms.
  • And much more...

After all, it looks much better with the new user interface:

Use MotorXP-PM (beta) for FREE

We are starting beta testing of our new software MotorXP-PM. You can download and use the beta version of MotorXP-PM for FREE. MotorXP-PM (beta) will work for about three months until we release the final version of MotorXP-PM. Note that MotorXP-PM (beta) requires internet connection all the time to work. The final version of MotorXP-PM, of course, will not require internet connection.

You are encouraged to provide a feedback about any problems with MotorXP-PM (beta) in order to improve the final version of MotorXP-PM. To send your feedback please contact us at or using contact information listed on the Contacts page.

Download MotorXP-PM (beta) for free from the Downloads page.

Why wait till the end of beta testing? Buy now and get 20% off!

MotorXP-PM has the capabilities of best electric machine design tools and more at a much lower price. Now we offer MotorXP-PM for even less! Get 20% off if you buy MotorXP-PM now before the final version is released. How it works? You just continue using beta version of MotorXP-PM. Once the final version is ready, we will send your personal copy of MotorXP-PM to you so you will seamlessly migrate to the final version at the end of beta testing period. You can cancel your subscription any time and get a full refund before the end of beta testing period.

MotorXP-PM Price List


standalone version

MATLAB version

MotorXP-PM Combo
(standalone + MATLAB)

Price for one month subscription*

$299 USD

$349 USD

$449 USD

Price for six months subscription*

$699 USD

$799 USD

$999 USD

Price for one year subscription*

$1099 USD

$1249 USD

$1549 USD

Price for perpetual subscription*

Please contact us
to request pricing

Please contact us
to request pricing

Please contact us
to request pricing

*Get 20% discount if subscribe before May 31, 2020.

One subscription allows to install MotorXP-PM on two computers. Please contact us if you need to use MotorXP-PM on more computers.

All subscription prices include one month of Basic Technical Support Plan. Additional support plans are available on the Technical Support page.

MotorXP-PM MATLAB version requires MATLAB to run. MotorXP-PM MATLAB version has extended capabilities with the use of MATLAB based scripting:

  • User defined electrical circuits connected to stator winding
  • User defined simulation scripts to extend the capabilities of FEA simulations

MotorXP-PM standalone version is an independent software. MATLAB is not required to run
MotorXP-PM standalone version.

MotorXP-PM Combo license includes both MotorXP-PM standalone and MotorXP-PM MATLAB versions.