MotorAnalysis-PMSM is a prerelease of upcoming version of MotorAnalysis for permanent magnet machines. Only permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) with sinusoidal supply are currently supported. This version is still under development so much more is coming soon.

The user manual of MotorAnalysis-PMSM is not available at the moment. Please refer to the user manual of MotorAnalysis for induction motors and the description below.

MotorAnalysis-PMSM includes two analysis types: Magnetostatic Analysis and D-Q Analysis.
Magnetostatic Analysis performs a time-stepping FEA to examine motor steady state characteristics and waveforms. D-Q Analysis uses a conventional model of the motor in D-Q reference frame derived from FEA solutions.

There are no geometry templates for the rotor yet, the rotor should be imported from DXF file. The stator is defined through the geometric dimensions in the Geometry Editor or can also be imported from DXF file. I would recommend to use LibroCAD to create and edit DXF files, it is free and easy to use.

There are two examples included: example_innerrotor.mat and example_outerrotor.mat. Both examples were provided by Emetor. Many thanks to Stephan Meier.

First example is a surface-mounted permanent magnet motor with inner rotor. This 10 kW motor is designed for the traction of an electric forklift. Its rated torque is 60 Nm and rated speed 1500 rpm. The motor should run up to 3750 rpm in constant power by weakening the flux. The power is supplied by a 48 V battery. It has 4 poles and 3 slots/pole/phase. The current density is low with 4 A/mm2 as the motor is not cooled with any fans.

Second example is a surface-mounted permanent magnet motor with outer rotor. This motor is designed for a 4.5 kW direct-drive banana-blade mixer. The motor runs at 50 rpm and its rated torque is 840 Nm. Due to the low speed, it has 50 poles and 150 slots arranged in an integer-slot winding with 1 slot per pole per phase.

There are also three examples of DXF files: innerrotor.dxf related to example_innerrotor.mat and innerstator.dxf and outerrotor.dxf related to example_outerrotor.mat.

MotorAnalysis-PMSM is distributed free of charge and comes with no warranty or support.

There are two versions: MotorAnalysis-PMSM as MATLAB application and MotorAnalysis-PMSM as standalone program working without MATLAB:

Download - MotorAnalysis-PMSM v1.0 MATLAB (.zip) - 11.7 MB
Download - MotorAnalysis-PMSM v1.0 standalone (.zip) - 174 MB

If MotorAnalysis-PMSM does not work properly or you have any difficulties using it, please feel free to contact me.